You could say I’m a lush. Plus: beauty on the cheap (or free!)

October 28, 2008

It’s no secret that I love Lush. From the bath bombs, soaps, and body butters to the limited edition holiday stuff, I’m hooked. Most lush products are vegan friendly, handmade, and never tested on animals. My absolute can’t live without item is Buffy body butter, formerly known as “Buffy the Backside Slayer.” Oh how I loved to tell people how I get my skin so soft and smooth. Now the name’s no fun anymore. Anyway, Buffy is nothing short of a miracle for anyone who wants soft skin. While still in the shower (after you’ve cleansed your bod) you rub the Buffy bar everywhere you want to be moisturised, especially rough areas (elbows, knees). Buffy has cocoa butter to hydrate and also exfoliates with little rice grains, among other goodies. Rinse, then hop out of the shower and dry off. No extra lotion needed! I do, however, use a dry oil spray or lotion for an extra surge of hydration.

Other Lush indulgences I love:

Honey I Washed the Kids soap– smells like honey, makes your skin feel super soft because honey is a humectant (hello, moisture!), and has a cute little synthetic honey comb attached.

I should Coco soap-is supposed to smell like pina colada’s but my nose only detects a faint orange scent, no coconuts at all. It’s a bit exfoliating and feels divine.

Ne Worry Pas bath bomb get your bath water nice and hot then drop this little milky wonder under into the tub. Smells calming, makes your skin super soft.

Right now Sephora is clearancing out my favorite scent, Morning Waterlily, to make room for new scents (Pomegranate Apple, anyone?). My local store has the full line (dry oil spray, shower gel, bubble bath, scrub, body butter, lotion) for only $3 and $4! There’s not much left online so check your nearest store. It smells like heaven.

For free (or low cost) beauty products for anyone who needs to conserve $$$, I present three of my all time favorites that can usually be found in your kitchen: extra virgin olive oil, sugar, and honey. For a moisturizing exfoliator (ala Buffy) mix a bit of sugar and olive oil in a little bowl and take it into the shower. After sudsing up and rinsing, take little amounts and rub onto your skin until the sugar dissolves then rinse. You can also add sugar into your regular shower gel instead. For a facial mask that will kill acne-loving bacteria and hydrate, drizzle a tiny amount of honey onto your fingertips and spread a super thin layer onto your face. I let my mask sit for five minutes so that the honey won’t have much time to slide off my face. Just rinse with warm water. For any of these at home fixes, make sure you rinse your tub and sink well…otherwise you might end up with ants.

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