To-do list

November 11, 2008

Starting at the end of this week until the week of Thanksgiving, an opera I’m working on will begin its run and my blogs may become few and far between until closing night. In preparation, I have a million things that need to get done before we start dress rehearsals.

-Finish my holiday shopping and wrap everything.

-Clean, clean clean.

-Find white elephant gift for 6th annual holiday party with friends.

-Organize my train cases, make sure my brushes are ready to go, and take inventory of my makeup. Current mascara tube count: 21.

-Pick up a few unisex gifts to have on hand just in case.

-Go grocery shopping and pick up fruit/veggies, food I don’t need a microwave for and non-perishable food for the 9am-11pm days I have ahead. There’s a fridge at the theatre but no microwave. Luckily there’s Chinese food and a little cafe around the corner.

-Try to enjoy my last weekend of freedom until January. My BFF is visiting this weekend and we shall have a fantastic time.


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