November 12, 2008

Ever since I was a very little girl I’ve always wanted a capelet. The only problem with finding one is that they aren’t always easy to track down and I am rather picky. Several styles, fabrics and colors I’ve seen aren’t what I’m looking for. For those who don’t know, a capelet is basically a very small cape. I like this style, and perhaps this color and print:  



I was in San Francisco last weekend and my favorite SF resident and BFF had just purchased the cutest coat. It’s very lady-like, super cute, and teal. She informed me that Old Navy was having a 50% off outerwear sale (still going on until Thursday-that’s tomorrow!) and we must go. I tried on several and was frustrated because being petite, most things never fit me correctly, even petite sizes because they are meant for 5’4 and above. Lets just say I’m well under the average petite height. I ended up with a cute swing jacket. I opted for red to add a splash of color to my all black makeup artist wardrobe, although it was also available in two shades of gray. The red one is currently not available on the site, though here is a photo of the style. Cute!



2 Responses to “Winterwear”

  1. booboo said

    That is a nice capelet. I think you have got me started. I think I saw one on but I’m not sure what fabric it was made in.
    I’ve never shopped with them before so I’m not sure what quality I’m looking at.

  2. ciaobellezza said

    Forever 21’s quality generally doesn’t hold up for more then one or two seasons although sometimes you’ll find something that will last a while when well cared for.

    If you’ve ever shopped at H & M it’s fairly similar. F21 is a bit lower quality then H & M.

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