Wanted: A Spa-worthy bathroom

December 4, 2008


Between my long showers and getting ready for work, I log a lot of time in my tiny bathroom. In a perfect world I’d have a large room with plenty of counter space, spa tub, and steam shower. Unfortunately, in real life I have a pretty basic bathroom.

So what’s one to do when you’re strapped for remodeling cash or can’t remodel because your current digs are a rental? Little touches can make a huge difference.

  • If your cabinets have seen better days and you have the OK to paint, sand them down and put a fresh coat of white paint on. Or better yet, choose a deep stain if you have the patience.
  • Luxe rugs can make a big difference if you have ugly tile.
  • New shower curtains can spice up your space.
  • Hang art that you love.
  • Can you paint your walls? If so, choose a color you love.
  • New fixtures can create an impact.
  • Simple, neutral towels can also do the trick.
  • Simple shelving with decorative accents and bath goodies (colorful bath beads, soaps, and scrubs) looks pretty and is a simple way to add personality to a bland bathroom.

PSA: because Mervyns is going out of business you can find new bathroom goodies on the cheap! Also, check out holiday sales and home discount stores. If you’re after a spa-inspired bath and are on a budget, you’re sure to find great touches that won’t leave you for broke.

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