GHD: Thou shalt convert (indeed!)

December 15, 2008

Saturday I bought a GHD IV styling iron and it’s pretty much dreamy. I wanted the sleek limited edition Dark IV on the right below (that comes with a cute matching heat-resistant bag), however, my Sephora doesn’t carry many special sets . So I got the regular GHD IV. There’s no difference in performance of either.


Some of my favorite key features of the GHD IV include :

  • Automatic shut-off if you leave the iron unused for 30 minutes. Also, automatic shut-off if it overheats.
  • A smart microchip that senses how much you’re using the iron and heats itself back up to prevent what I call cold-iron syndrome (after you’ve straightened half of your hair, you realize your iron has dropped in temperature and you have to wait for it to reheat until you finish the other half).
  • Heats up quickly. Seemingly faster then the speed of light!
  • Easily creates curls and waves.
  • Is less damaging to hair then other irons.
  • Leaves you with smooth, shiny, silky hair.

I timed myself and it took a total of 8 minutes to straighten my hair. With other irons it can take upwards of  30-45 minutes. I’d say the GHD was an investment well made.

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