Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008


I’ve already had my holiday celebration last night since my family and I celebrate on Christmas Eve. The only thing on my list this year were slippers and I received 3 pairs. It’s pretty safe to say I won’t need slippers for a while.

I do not enjoy making Christmas lists. I much rather enjoy little (or big) surprise gifts that were hand picked by loved ones. Many of the gifts I’ve loved the most were not things that I asked for and meant a lot more then someone handing me a gift card. I try not to give gift cards and enjoy picking things out and wrapping them. What do I do when I have someone on my list who is hard to shop for? I try to find something. Even if it’s just a little thing to add to a package with the dreaded GC.

Some of my favorite gifts to give for those hard to shop for people who have everything and want nothing include:

  • Wine or other alcohol (for the known drinkers)
  • Gender neutral bath and body products that are unscented or lightly scented
  • Candles and/or candle holders
  • Cozy throws
  • Hand made jewelry
  • Tea or coffee
  • Stationary and pens
  • Fun books
  • Unusual kitchen gadgets

The news is reporting that tomorrow is supposed to be like a second Black Friday. I was hoping for the holiday chaos and crowds to be finished. While I completely understand that everyone wants the best bargains, especially this year, I do not condone how most people behave while holiday shopping. If you plan on being out tomorrow, please make sure you are well rested, in a good mood, and take your time shopping instead of being in a hurry.

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