NEW: Too Faced So Smurfy collection

December 27, 2008


For those of you who are old enough to remember waiting for the Smurfs to air on TV every weekend (and for those who watch it in reruns), Too Faced has a treat for you. Soon to be launching at a Sephora near you comes a collection of Smurf inspired limited edition goodies. I was so excited when I saw this super cute collection reminiscent of my childhood! It features an eye shadow quad, illuminating powder with the silhouette of Smurfette, two glitter eye liners (“Smurf You” – a lovely shade of royal blue, and “Feelin’ Smurfy” – a pretty and ethereal shade of white that picks up the color of anything underneath), and a lipgloss that is mood activated.

If the lip gloss sounds familiar, that’s because there is a similar version in the regular line. The limited edition Smurf packaging features Smurfette and it comes out of the tubeĀ in a shimmery shade of light blue. The gloss reacts with your body chemistry to turn your own personalized shade of pink. If you’re at all familiar with Smashbox O-Glow, the concept is similar.

MAC is soon to be releasing their Hello Kitty collection, but really, who needs Hello Kitty when it’s been done a million different times? I’ve seen the HK MAC stuff and I’m really unimpressed, plus the prices are just ridiculous. Smurf imaging is rarely done so this collection is a special treat that everyone should be snapping up ASAP before supplies are gone.

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