Holiday CD photos

December 5, 2008

A few weeks ago I took photos for my cousin Meghan’s holiday CD. Here is my favorite of the bunch:


While the setting looks like a cemetery, it’s actually not. It was in a little alleyway in an old part of town that we happened to stumble upon.

That’s TheBalm Hot Mamma blush on her cheeks and Sephora Sweet Candy Gloss in Guava Passion on her lips.


Between my long showers and getting ready for work, I log a lot of time in my tiny bathroom. In a perfect world I’d have a large room with plenty of counter space, spa tub, and steam shower. Unfortunately, in real life I have a pretty basic bathroom.

So what’s one to do when you’re strapped for remodeling cash or can’t remodel because your current digs are a rental? Little touches can make a huge difference.

  • If your cabinets have seen better days and you have the OK to paint, sand them down and put a fresh coat of white paint on. Or better yet, choose a deep stain if you have the patience.
  • Luxe rugs can make a big difference if you have ugly tile.
  • New shower curtains can spice up your space.
  • Hang art that you love.
  • Can you paint your walls? If so, choose a color you love.
  • New fixtures can create an impact.
  • Simple, neutral towels can also do the trick.
  • Simple shelving with decorative accents and bath goodies (colorful bath beads, soaps, and scrubs) looks pretty and is a simple way to add personality to a bland bathroom.

PSA: because Mervyns is going out of business you can find new bathroom goodies on the cheap! Also, check out holiday sales and home discount stores. If you’re after a spa-inspired bath and are on a budget, you’re sure to find great touches that won’t leave you for broke.

Sniffles and sneezes

December 3, 2008


Oh colds, why must you come on right when life gets too busy to rest? I have been sick for the past week, luckily with only a mild cold and nothing more serious. I haven’t had any down time until today to relax. The very first thing I did upon waking up was take a nice, long, hot bath with my dear Carol’s Daughter Body Aches Bath Salts. It’s a fantastic treatment for achy muscles, stuffy noses, and frazzled nerves. It features soothing lavender, peppermint and tea tree oils. The tub is a huge 16 oz for only $18.

Some of my other favorite uses for this product is sprinkling some in the shower if I don’t feel like taking a bath. The effects are similar to Lush’s Up a Wooden Hill Emotibomb, which I tested out a few weeks ago. I also like to keep a small amount in a little jar for smelling throughout the day if I have a stuffy nose.

Just a little note for those who use them in the tub: there are little bits of lavender in the salts. If you don’t want them floating in the tub simply grab hosiery from your lingerie drawer, cut them off above the foot, sprinkle salts inside, twist close and hold under running water. Voila! DIY strainer and no floating lavender pieces in your tub. Cheesecloth works well if you have it handy.