January = skincare month

January 4, 2009


I had a roommate a few years back whose boyfriend inquired about my age. When I told him that we were the same age, he replied with, “REALLY? I thought you were younger then me because, you know, you still have zits and stuff!” I wanted to punch him in the face but refrained. I’m very oily and acne-prone with congested pores. My case of adult acne isn’t by any means severe but it still occasionally makes me self conscious.

I met a woman in her late 50’s recently who still suffers from acne. I wanted to cry for her because she’d been struggling with it for 40-some years and for me because what if mine never goes away, too? I’m 26 and I still have breakouts. At 18 I was secretly excited to move into my 20’s because I thought it meant no more acne, ever again! Wrong. Acne doesn’t only affect teenagers and, pun fully intended, can “pop up” on anyone regardless of age, gender, race, social class, etc. 

I’ve been to the dermatologist and tried the various remedies they prescribe. I tried Pro-Activ. I’ve used this cream and that treatment and my neighbor’s grandmothers home remedy. Sure, some things worked while some things didn’t and I’ve yet to find a “cure.” I think it’s safe to say that, save for those who were born with the amazing skin gene, we’ve all tried this and that in the quest to find a product that will fulfill our beautiful skin wishes.

What works for one person may or may not work for you so I’m dedicating  the bulk of my January blogs to skincare. It’s my job to be informed of all things beauty and I want everyone to have a wonderful year so why not start it off on the quest for clear, glowing skin?


2 Responses to “January = skincare month”

  1. Endorphins said

    When it comes to skin care, less is more. I love products, packaging, and the whole beauty ritual, and believe me, I wish I could put myself in debt by using all of those wonderfully marketed products out there. I LOVE skincare. When I started my own line of skin care products about six years ago, I was really sad to realize how much pure crap we’re putting on our skin. Most of the commercial stuff we buy are just fillers with some cool additives for label appeal. The acne stuff we put on our skin is harsh and just causes a cycle of dry/oily and clear skin/blemished skin. Anyway, my point is that less is more. Some of my favorite things, if you’re interested…oh, and I am 27 and have really sensitive, acne prone skin that is currently 100% clear.

    Oil Cleansing. Check out http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ Truth be told, even though I wrote that article, I do use Ponds Cold Cream (original) because I love the smell. It works just as well to dissolve the oily grime in your pores and thoroughly take off the days makeup and dirt. My beloved waterproof 2000 Calorie Max Factor is no match for this stuff.

    Goats Milk Soap. I make my own, but if you can find a quality *handmade* soap (cold process), you’ll fall in love. I use mine with a soft body brush to exfoliate what the Green Cream (below) has loosened up. Usually use this in my morning shower, though I can definitely do just water after the previous nights oil cleansing.

    Green Cream http://www.greencream.com (I buy mine at Cosmeticsville.com). It makes a huge difference in the texture of my skin. Makes me feel and look like I’ve had a mild microdermabrasion session every time I use it.

    Squalane Oil. Yes, it’s an oil, no it won’t cause your skin to break out. And no, it’s not from sharks, it’s from olive oil. All of the good things that olive oil has to offer, extracted and put into a bottle. Super light and absorbs as quickly as a gel moisturizer dries, no kidding. I add some rose oil (real, not fragrance oil!) to mine because it’s balancing, toning (seriously toning!), and soothing. I’ve recently begun adding some Neem oil (stinks to high heaven so I only use a drop which is sufficient therapeutically). The Neem has many of the same properties that Tea Tree Oil has, but without the irritation factor. Super healing, calming, and antibacterial. Great for keeping the breakouts away and healing the current ones.

    Mineral Makeup for foundation. My preference is Geografix brand (http://www.geografx-cosmetics.com/) as it’s really easy to use (many of the mineral makeups aren’t) and gives a very natural finish while covering everything up beautifully. Applied with a Channel kabuki (it had the best reviews a few years ago for mineral makeup users and I still adore mine), it gives me a flawless finish even when I do have a spot or two (or more when I slack on my night time skin care).

    Anyway, take what you want, leave the rest. I know it’s not mainstream cosmetics, but hopefully this gives you some things to look into. If you want more info, you know where to find me. 😉


  2. ciaobellezza said

    Thanks Steph! I actually love cleansing oils but have never thought to make my own! I am sooo going to try it next week after I go grocery shopping (I’m all out of evoo). Also, I usually use my regular cleanser afterwards so I’ll try it without too.

    I’m totally going to check out green cream as well.

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