I <3 baths

January 13, 2009


I love taking a nice, long, hot bath. Right now, Bath and Body works is having their sale and I had a gift card to use. I got sooooo much stuff for under $30! I love a good sale even more then a hot bath. I purchased tons of sleep-inducing aromatherapy items and have been slowly trying them out, one by one.


My purchase included a Black Chamomile set (above) that is just fabulous. It’s a bit heavier then other chamomile scents I’ve tried in the past and it’s quite nice. The set includes a body lotion, bath and shower gel, pillow mist, and aromatherapy roll-on that’s designed to lull you into dream land. I’m not super enthused with the roll on. Either mine is “off” (it smells weird) or the scent doesn’t agree with me. I also dislike the little cutesy things BBW adds to its gift packs (in this set, it was a little lamb). Over all, at $10, this set was a huge steal and I totally recommend it. I pretty much slept like a baby the first night I used it.

I also indulged in the Warm Milk and Honey Luxe Bath. AMAZING! The scent is light and calming and my skin felt super soft afterwards. If I had known this would be my new favorite thing, I would have gotten more Milk and Honey items instead of the others.

Since one of my favorite bath and shower gels happened to be on sale for $5, I bought a bottle and the matching body lotion. I received the coordinating pillow mist as a holiday gift since I ran out just before Christmas (I previously had the old packing that was long and featured faux botanicals inside). They are best when used together, although you can absolutely use them separately.

All of that said, I generally am NOT a Bath and Body Works fan, save for the Warm Vanilla Sugar and Sensual Amber scents. The sleep line of aromatherapy stuff IS indeed something to check out if you happen to be near a store.

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