James Iha

January 27, 2009


One of my most favorite bands in the 90’s was The Smashing Pumpkins. Sure, Billy Corgan is awesome, but I always liked D’Arcy and James Iha the best. When Iha came out with a solo album (Let It Come Down) in the late 90’s, I was super excited. I thought it was really good. Looking back, it was okay. I lost that CD years ago but came across a few tracks on an old mix tape recently. You know, that thing that’s not a CD but also not vinyl. Not sure what a mix tape is? Oh, you kids these days…google it, k?

I have to say, I still love the song Lover, Lover. It’s calm. It’s melodic. I used to fall asleep to it. Okay, maybe not, but I did really like it. I know B.C. is loved by all, but sometimes I felt like he got all the credit for a band that wouldn’t have been the same without the other founding members.

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