February 8, 2009


Want cosmetics that are oil-free, dermatologist tested, contain skin soothing ingredients, never tested on animals and is inexpensive? Then look no further then drug store brand jane. Introduced in the early 1990’s, jane. adverts could be found in Sassy, Seventeen, and other teen magazines. All products were $3 and under and the brand was specifically marketed towards the 18 and under crowd.

The brand was sold to Estee Lauder (what don’t  they own?) and then sold to a brother team and their gal pal, who gave jane. a makeover and are now marketing to women in their 20’s and 30’s. While the prices no longer stand at $3 and under, the brand is still wallet friendly with most items being between $5-$10. The name jane. is an acronym for the botanicals in their products: juniper, aloe, nettle, and elderflower.

I’ve been using this brand myself for what seems like ages. I remember being in middle school (1994-96) experimenting with eyeshadow color combos. The low cost of jane. enabled me to purchase an extra shadow that I would not have been able to afford with other brands. Nowadays I buy jane.  partly because of nostalgia and partly as a quick fix to fill in gaps in my kit.

This brand seems to be getting harder and harder to find in my area and now I almost always have to go to one specific Rite Aid drugstore to get it. If you’re curious about where you can find jane. there’s a store locator on their website janecosmetics.com. And do scour for jane. sales when items are being discontinued! 50% of something that’s already low is a pretty sweet deal. When they DC’d my fave foundation in 2001, I stocked up. The cashier at Rite Aid thought I was nuts when I asked him, “Do you have any more of this color in the back?” when I already had 10 in my arms.


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