The New Anastasia Brow Kit

February 22, 2009



Anastasia, the brow guru of the 90210 zip code, has come out with yet another brow product I adore. This one’s packed with three brow powders and three highlighters. The Highlighting Eyebrow Kit is $32 and also includes a mini clear eyebrow gel.

The brow powder is designed to be used like this: brush one of the lighter hues on the inner brow and finish the end (or “tail”) of the brow with a darker one, making sure to also accentuate the arch. This method creates a multidimensional natural looking brow by using a few shades when most people use one, resulting in a harsh, unnatural brow. Go easy on the powder! A little goes a long way so load up your brush with just a bit first and brush on more powder if needed.

The shimmery highlighter trio is baked for smooth application. You can use these for the intended purpose of highlighting your brow bone (the area under directly under your eyebrow) or as eyeshadow. You can also do a smokey eye by using the darker brow powder as shadow, brushing it on your lid and into your crease, then taking your favorite highlight color and blending upwards, creating a smokey effect.

The set also includes a mini clear eyebrow gel that can be used after brow powder or alone to keep your brow hairs in place. As a quick fix, sometimes I use mine to keep flyway hairs on my mane tame if I don’t have hair gel or hairspray handy.

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