Pretty Charming

February 27, 2009


One of the hottest ways to accessorize is with baubles that house beauty products, perfect for discrete touch-ups and girls on the go. Why not intermingle beauty and fashion? They go hand in hand and are a perfect pair. These items do tend to be available for only a limited time, and new favorites are always popping up each season.

1. Missoni Solid Perfume Charm Necklace, $50, With notes like “Radiant Yellow Accord” (whatever that is), Bergamot, Magnolia, Mandarin, Bitter Orange, and Rose, this scent captures a perfect carefree summer day. The jewel-like orange and red crystals provide a burst of summer color in the middle of winter.

2. Juicy Loves Sephora Lip Gloss Heart Ring, $51 (originally $68), I have been lusting over this ring for a while now. The pretty pink crystals and shiny sheer pink lip gloss calls out my name. Alas, a klutzy girl donning a large, jeweled cocktail ring is not particularly a good combo as I knock into everything. *Sigh* Maybe in my next lifetime….

3. Lady Dior Charm Radiant Couture Touch-Up For Cheeks and Lips, $75,  Featuring a mirror, highlighter, and lip/cheek color, this faux leather accented handbag charm is a great way to touch up almost anywhere on the sly.

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace, $35, Nordstrom and Packaged in a circular gold zip case, the daisy necklace dangles on a black satin-esque cord, begging to be the conversation piece Du Jour. Not only is it a cute accessory, but slide the top over and the best selling daisy fragrance awaits in solid form to be swiped over your pulse points. You can adjust the necklace to any length, simply knot it at your desired length.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Solid Perfume Necklace, $56, Feminine charms on the outside, and an equally alluring floriental fragrance on the inside. The JPG fragrance is all about evoking classic elegance and femininity, so it’s no surprise this necklace is dainty while still making a bold statement. The notes of Orange Flower, Bulgarian Rose, Italian Mandarin, Star Aniseed, Ginger, Vanilla, and Amber make this accessory all that more special.

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