Dresses for Summer?

March 4, 2009

I’m already thinking about my wardrobe this summer. When the 100+ degree weather hits, planning cute outfits that don’t involve shorts is a pain. I just went through a complete closet over-haul, donating almost 60% of my wardrobe to Goodwill. There’s still plenty left, although I have given away almost all of my summer clothes.


To make my hot weather outfit planning easier, I’ve decided to do mostly dresses this year. They work for almost any occasion and are effortless. Finding cute dresses will be a much different story, as most styles are too long and I will have to have them altered. I love the sailor dress on the left from Misery Boutique, and I know it would have to be hemmed up. The one on the right is from here, and would also have to be taken up.

I pose this question, dear readers: what do you like to wear when the temperatures spike?


3 Responses to “Dresses for Summer?”

  1. Sarah said

    It doesn’t get hot where I am in summer so I wear jeans, tees, flipflops
    When I went on vaca last yr I wore dresses there cos it was hot. Dresses worked perfect!

  2. Derick said

    Nice blog A, I like it! I like the blogs for guys so please write more!
    Since I have lived in different climates I always keep the following around-
    Shorts, jeans, tees, sweatshirt or sweater but I’m a guy and we can’t do much other then shorts and pants

  3. giggleaugogo said

    dresses, i find are a good way to go! i buy and buy and buy dresses, but rarely wear them…interestingly enough. also for the summer, i pick a really simple skirt and shirt combo (all natural fibers of course)…and that works as well.

    i also try to ease up on the accessories as much as possible. sometimes all you need is a watch…word!

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