It’s Like Spying! Plus: Man Dies at the Age of 494

April 5, 2009


I showed my Nana google maps today and she was so amazed. We typed in her address and she saw the front view of her house and also the aerial view. She asked, “Can we look up other people, too?” So we looked up some of her friends houses. Then she got worried and said, “Is this allowed? It’s like spying!” Haha. My little Nana is so cute.


The clipping, above, is from the obituary section of my local paper. It was printed on April Fool’s day, and could have been a prank, albeit a morbid prank. Hopefully the D.O.B. was just a typo, although in the days following the obit., it wasn’t printed again and no retraction was made to advise of an error.

2 Responses to “It’s Like Spying! Plus: Man Dies at the Age of 494”

  1. giggleaugogo said

    oh my goodness…this is so funny and then not so funny. your nana is thee cutest. and YES google maps IS like spying! CREEPY!!!

    and that obit. entry sucks beans, man. that ain’t right.
    but i like that you posted about it. go you.

  2. Nana got a flat screen TV today and she proclaimed that she is now “modern.” ❤

    Re: obit
    Things like that happen in my family. If that obit was someone in my fam we’d prob say something like, “Ha! I knew so-and-so was a vampire!” My great-grandfather ended up getting locked in the hearse and the driver had to call a locksmith to get him out. He ended up being 30 minutes late for his own funeral.

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