Kiss Me Farewell

April 9, 2009


I am usually unphased when products are discontinued. When it comes to beauty products, something better will come along. Right now I am saddened by the loss of Benefit’s The Gloss in Kiss Me, my most favorite lip gloss in the world. Most people were scared of the seemingly purple-pink hue but not I, for I knew its secret. It was not at all purple but a lovely sheer, shiny, smooth, beautiful pinky-mauve. No shimmer, just shine. And it smelled of lychee…Divine!

Whenever I look at a photo of myself circa 2001-05 and I think, “Wow, my lips look amazing,” I was wearing this gloss. For many years it was one of the only glosses I wore exclusively. Sure, sometimes the tube would leak, but I always carried mine in a plastic bag. I was willing to live with a slightly leaky tube then go without my dear Kiss Me gloss. As time passed, I experimented with Urban Decay glosses (too sticky!), Stila “It” gloss (now discontinued), Loreal Color Juice (meh), and various others. I always ended up going back to Benefit’s Kiss Me gloss.

Farewell, Kiss Me gloss. You were with me during the good times, the bad times, and all of the times between. You will not be so easily replaced.

*EDIT* Aug. 8, 2009: benefit released new glosses with a color called “kiss you,” a replacement for kiss me. The texture is a little different and instead of being super sheer, it now has a tiny bit of shimmer, but it’s worth a try if you really need to find a replacement.

4 Responses to “Kiss Me Farewell”

  1. Kerry said

    I completely agree. I too will mourn the loss of this fab gloss! x

  2. Indeed. They have some new glosses out that are supposed to replace them and a shade called “kiss you”….I tried them the other day and they felt off. The texture was a little more goopy and the color not as sheer

  3. Maria said

    Ugh, I hate the new “Kiss You”. It’s sticky and the color is more purple, as opposed to the beautiful smooth glossy shine that “Kiss Me” offered. I want to write Benefit and say bring back the old formula. I really wonder how many “Kiss Me” fans out there think the same. It’s been, what, a year? And I’m still irritated by the change. I know it’s just a lip gloss but, jeez, couldn’t they have reformulated somebody else’s fav gloss? Is that too much for a girl to ask?

  4. I agree and at the same time it’s the closest thing I’ve found. I’ve written to them and recieved an email stating to try the “new” glosses in their collection. Hopefully someday they will realize dc-ing it was a very bad idea and bring it back or maybe it will pop up in a holiday kit =)

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