First Day Off in Over a Week

May 14, 2009


Today was a much needed day off and I totally tried to enjoy it because I work eight days in a row without another day off this week. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I want next Saturday to come so I can sleep in, get a facial and pedicure, and catch up on doing laundry. Below is a mini account of things I did today:

1. I’m house sitting/dog sitting for my aunt and uncle for the next few days. They have a dog sitting business so I am hanging out with a few four-legged clients while they are gone. I have full work days ahead and luckily they have a neighbor that comes over to play with the dogs while I’m away. I’m currently taking care of their two German shepherds (one was a rescue dog that only has three legs), plus a one-eyed basset hound, and a pudgy corgi. Two more dogs will join our party tomorrow morning.

2. I’m attending and doing makeup for a wedding Sunday. I had a dress in mind to wear but I just realized the wedding and reception will be outdoors and it will be crazy hot that day, so I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear. I also need to find comfy flats. Whatever I wear to the wedding also needs to be appropriate for a meeting since I have one scheduled for that evening. Eeeeeeek!

3. While at Target, hoping they’d have cute inexpensive flats (they didn’t), I found a new book to read. It seems promising.

4. While at TJ Maxx, hoping they’d also have cute flats and a colorful inexpensive dress (they didn’t), I found some Korres products on sale! I love, love, love Korres watermelon scrub. Yum. I was so excited to score a few tubes at only $4 each. The one I went to had a lot of the Lemon Basil body wash and lotion. FYI: Korres is changing the size of their body washes and a few other items, hence being at TJ Maxx.

5. I also got a cute new hair cut today.

6. My dinner consisted of: wine, wheat thins, rice, and carrots. There’s food here at my aunt and uncles but nothing I can make an actual meal out of. I’ll be grocery shopping tomorrow for sure.

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