The gym shoe rant

May 27, 2009



Going to the gym is so not on my list of fun things to do. However, I am not one to just run around the block or even pop in a mundane exercise video. Having a gym membership, for me, means that I’ll go because I don’t want to waste money. Lately, my feet have been hurting after my workouts. Granted, my feet hurt from constantly standing at work, but they shouldn’t hurt all the time.

I purchased two new pairs of shoes to wear to the gym today. I had a really fantastic discount coupon and it’s been ages (November 2000) since I’ve purchased new athletic shoes. I’d say it was about time for new ones! I honestly didn’t think much or wearing 8 year old shoes. I figured they were just as great as the day I bought them. Well, I was wrong! They turned out to be the reason for my foot pain.

I tried on what seemed like a zillion pairs and it was like walking on air. Let me tell you, shoe technology has come a long way since 2000. They are light weight and bouncy! I ended up with a pair of Nike’s and New Balances. I always thought New Balance shoes were “cheap” (i.e. sold at K-Mart) but oh no my friends, I learned today that they are, in fact, quite expensive.

While picking out shoes, I noticed that manufacturers certainly produce a lot of pink shoes. I kind of like pink in moderation but it’s nowhere near my favorite color. I don’t even think I own a single piece of pink clothing (besides undies). It’s like shoe manufactures think, “All girls like pink! Lets make 90% of our shoes pink and they will totally buy them! We’ll sell them for $150 and they won’t even notice because they’ll be so happy to have pink workout shoes!” Omg. No. Just no.

Perhaps in another 8 years when I buy athletic shoes again, there will be less of a pink color selection. Now I remember why I would only buy my athletic shoes in high school from the little boys department: no pink! BTW: both pairs I bought today are blue and silver. Even the black shoes had a trace amount of pink!


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