Confession: Makeup

July 30, 2009


I feel the absolute best when I’m wearing minimal or no makeup. When I’m working of course I have to wear a full face of makeup. Who wants to have a makeup artist working on them that’s not wearing makeup? On my days off I prefer to go without complexion products and just wear SPF 30, eye shadow primer to combat my oily lids, and lipgloss. My cheeks are already on the pink side so I rarely need blush unless I’m wearing foundation. Sometimes I’ll add in tinted moisturizer and concealer if I need it. Sometimes even a little eyeliner or mascara. I hardly ever wear all of these products all at the same time unless I’m working or going out. It’s just my personal preference and I think I look better and more natural without a lot of makeup on.

Do you always wear a full face of makeup everyday? If yes, why? If no, why not?


2 Responses to “Confession: Makeup”

  1. colti said

    I actually don’t wear it everyday. For some reason I have particularly picky eye lashes and if I’m swiping on mascara everyday, they tend to get shorter? Don’t know why it happens, but it does just the same. When I go for my natural look, I like using an sunscreen moisturizer or baby lotion. Baby lotion is AMAZING. If it’s good enough for that sensitive baby skin, it’s more than good enough for my face. It keeps it looking fresh, not oily, and moisturizes all day long. Then, I like to use a quick dab of bronzer on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, quick swipe of mascara on the top lashes and a clear or light pink gloss. It looks fresh and put together! 🙂

  2. I like the look you described. Light and pretty! And probably nice and light weight during these hot summer months.

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