June 4, 2014

Dear neglected blog,

Hi. I am sorry that I’ve been too busy to write in the past year. I can’t promise that I’ll change that. Life just happens and I don’t feel like blogging is a priority. Here’s what’s been going on:

  • My dear little Nana was diagnosed with dementia and her condition quickly escalated to stage 7 within less than a year. She is like my mother, so all of the changes were very quick and emotionally traumatic.  I’m currently dealing ok and I was a hot mess for a little while.
  • My great- uncle was diagnosed with cancer, which spread pretty quickly. He fought with all his might until last month.
  • I was dating a player who was not that bright. Ultimately, social media was his tattle tale. Gtfo, mofo.
  • I had an ombre for nearly a year, and all of my friends were too polite to tell me it looked busted.
  • I changed job locations.
  • I’ve been dating quite a bit, though only one guy was gentleman- ly enough to make it to a second date. The third date was really bad.
  • I discovered that I have more in common with guys 24-28, than I do with 30+. Like me, they want to go out and socialize,  are more spontaneous,  and they have all, if not most, of their hair. Plus, all of the 30+ guys I’m in to want to date 22 year olds. So, there’s that.
  • I make myself go the gym. I hate going to the gym but it makes me feel good later.
  • For the most part, life is pretty good.

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