So I purchased this headboard from West Elm last year. I had been stalking it forever and it finally went on sale- I thought I’d gotten a bargain!

She made hers:

I’m not the best at putting things together but I do have some handy Uncles that could have helped me make this. Lesson learned: next time scour the internet to see if you can find ways to make things instead of buy.


For my birthday, my mom bought me one of those cheesy drug store fountains with “calming” LED lights. More specifically, it’s the “cordless tranquility fire pit fountain” from Innovage Home. She knew I haven’t been sleeping well lately and thought it would help to hear water in the background. Awe, thanks Mom! Last night I inserted the required two “AA” batteries and 8 oz of water, turned it on, and tried drifting off to sleep. The motor kept me up and the trickling water sound was totally annoying. She totally meant well and I feel like I have to use it or at very least keep it somewhere conspicuous so she can say, “I’m so glad you like my gift!” Maybe the more I use it, the more I’ll like it?



When the LAVANILLA brand debuted about two years ago with three fragrances, I was instantly in love with the vanilla grapefruit scent. It was soft and the perfect balance of sweet and tart. I was also excited about the brand because the fragrances were sans alcohol, which can be drying to skin. Other items in the brand are formulated with natural ingredients and boast being free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, petro-chemicals, phthalates, GMO, and triclosan.

I’m currently burning their new lavender vanilla candle and I’m totally loving it. The scent is perfect in this form, not too heavy, not to soft. The “throw” is fairly decent (the distance you can smell the candle from). I also love that it burns clean without emitting any soot or toxins into the air. If you need a simple, relaxing indulgence, this candle might be for you. It burns for up to 60 hours, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the relaxing scent.

Love candles but want another way to enjoy the fragrance? Try their fragrances, body butters, shower gels, and lip products. LAVANILLA is available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Bliss, Fred Segal, and at the Home Shopping Network.

Victoria’s Secret bust-firming bra


There’s a new bra on the market that claims to enhance, improve hydration, and naturally lift your cleavage with results visible within four weeks. After eight weeks, you should see optimal “rejuvenation.” It must be worn daily for at least eight hours. Call me skeptical. If this bra could do that (really), one would think it would be more then $68. I had a VS gift card so I bought one, on sale for $48, with reassurance from the sales lady that I can return it if it doesn’t live up to the hype. I’ll report back in four weeks, although my expectations are low that I’ll see any results.


West Elm random weave headboard


After nearly a year of searching for a new headboard, I finally made a decision! As it turns out, the one I wanted had been in the sale section for a while, perhaps too long, because the size I need is no longer being sold. I debated for months; This one, that one, the other one, none? I suppose the search is back on for something that doesn’t require a new bed frame and isn’t super pricey.

Just arrived!

January 8, 2009

My new TV stand:


The one that I originally wanted wasn’t available anymore when I went to order it. This one is OK, but I wish it had another cupboard instead of the drawers. It’ll do since it’s the perfect height and has concealed storage. I dislike having my DVDs and Cd’s out in the open and prefer things to be hidden.

*EDIT 1/13/09* This is GORGEOUS in person and such great quality. I highly recommend!  My stand came from the outlet and was super discounted from the original price.

This is the one I originally wanted:


Happy New Year!

January 2, 2009

I hope everyone had a fantastic NYE. I spent it in SF with BFF and two other close friends. The coming new year may be a great time to reflect on the good and bad of the previous year but I don’t do resolutions. I believe that if you want to change something, do it now instead of waiting for January 1st. That said, in 2009 I vow to walk my dog, Lilly (my “chi-weiner”), more often.  She tends to chew on things more when she hasn’t been walked enough. For Christmas, my aunt bought her a handy harness that has a little backpack attached from Lovabledog. It will be the perfect place to store her poopy bags and treats. It is the same one as featured below, only hers is pink.


Fantastic idea, indeed! She is not used to it yet but it’s much easier to use then her previous harness. For being such a good girl, I bought her a new lobster toy while I was at Target today. She is such an unspoilt dog. <==Sarcasm.


While at Target, I checked out the new collection that is taking the place of their previous “Global Bazaar” collections. Most of it was still in the process of being put out on the shelves. I am very unimpressed. For the most part, it’s a “safe” collection with more neutrals and slight pops of color. The decor and furniture is just so-so. One item, “wood stick on a stand,” is rather humerous. It’s basically a stick on a stick for $30. There were a few items I liked, but unfortunately they aren’t coming up on the Target site yet. I did see a few pictures online that are noteworthy (above), but all in all this collection is rather bland.


The bedroom redesign project that I started several months ago is nearly complete. I am contemplating repainting my blue accent wall because the color is a few shades off from what I expected. It was supposed to be a light aqua-blue and instead it was mixed as a light blue with no traces of aqua.  I am love, love, loving the shape wall applications (above) from and will probably purchase two sets, though I’m not certain which to choose. They come primed white and you can either leave them that way or paint them. Decisions, decisions.

New chair and Skyn Iceland

December 19, 2008


I am excited because my new chair should be arriving any moment. According to UPS package tracker, it was in Oakland yesterday, which means it should be here TODAY!


Skyn Iceland is hands down one of my favorite skin care lines. Right now, Sephora has the Fundamentals Kit at a fantastic price-only $70 for three full sized products (which basically equals getting one item free). The kit includes Glacial Face Wash, a fantastic cleanser for everyone, especially those with irritated, congested, or oily skin (I have all three). I use it with my Clarisonic brush and my skin feels super clean without being stripped, dry, or tight. The Antidote moisturizer helps to prevent redness, irritation, is light weight and oil free, features a mild cooling sensation and helps prevent breakouts. And the Iceland Relief eye cream is my number 1 all time favorite eye cream (I used to be loyal to Perricone’s Advanced Eye Area Therapy…but no more). It hydrates, de-puffs, helps with dark circles, and even helps with fine lines and wrinkles. It’s light weight and is great under concealer as a primer because it has subtle light reflecting properties. My skin has been misbehaving more this winter then in past years so I recently incorporated Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream in my routine at night for a little more hydration and so far my skin feels better. No more irritation, redness or occasional dry patches.

Tomorrow starts a week and a half of total chaos, coffee drinking, no sleep, and ending the day covered in powder. I’ll be back soon to give you reviews of some new and old faves. Until then, I leave you with photos of things I want from my fave home store, West Elm: