So I purchased this headboard from West Elm last year. I had been stalking it forever and it finally went on sale- I thought I’d gotten a bargain!

She made hers:

I’m not the best at putting things together but I do have some handy Uncles that could have helped me make this. Lesson learned: next time scour the internet to see if you can find ways to make things instead of buy.

Oil cleansing

February 7, 2009


For quite some time I’ve been using cleansing oils to take off my makeup, followed by my usual cleanser. There are tons of misconceptions floating around about using oil on your face. No, it won’t break you out or turn your complexion into a grease-ball. Oil cuts oil, meaning it will help to dissolve the oil your sebaceous glands produce as well as makeup.

I’ve tried DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (my fave, although I dislike paying shipping), Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, and Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil. Lancome and Shu Umera have some that I have not yet tried but I’ve heard nothing other then good things about them. A fellow artist gave me a few little tubes of the Nude oil at an audition we were both attending and I fell in love with it instantly! I just couldn’t fathom spending $52 on something that was primarily soybean, vegetable, and olive oil.

Steph at Endorphins sent me a note about oil cleansing a while back and I wanted to share the information she’s bestowed upon me. Check out Steph’s article, which includes tips on mixing your own oil at home. I never thought to make my own cleansing oil! I concocted my own blend last night (10% castor, 60% sunflower, and 30% olive, although you don’t need to use both) and it felt like a combination of DHC’s and Nude. I’m totally excited by how much money I’m going to save.


I made this for a birthday a few months ago. I intend for the toggle closure to be worn asymmetrical in the front. I’m rather liking this style and plan on doing more. I also like the option to wear it with the closure in the back or even as a lariat.  


I love CB I Hate Perfume and wish they came in candle form. I can’t justify adding these little darlings to my fragrance collection because they will never be used. Luckily, I have a friend who from time to time will surprise me with little samples from her own collection. The most recent were Eternal Return and Winter 1972. Eternal Return is definitely a favorite, although I have smelled similar from “ocean” scents in the past. This version is just a bit more dead on and much more poetic. Winter 1972 is also lovely. It’s clean without being soapy although it’s something I would rather use as a room spray since it turned on my skin. CB, or Christopher Brosius, is the creator of many of the best selling Demeter fragrances. He left the company about four years ago and created the “I hate Perfume” brand. Check out his thoughts on perfume and the rest of his site.

Organization equals sanity

December 8, 2008


I try to live by “there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.” Lately I’ve been slacking a bit lot and had gotten behind thanks to a busy November. I’m usually super organized, although last month I found myself mindlessly stashing bagfuls of random items under my bed and had piles of laundry hiding in my closet. If I can’t keep my personal spaces tidy and organized at least I try to feignez-le  (my slightly off French translation for “fake it.”)

I feel the most stressed out when my personal space is in disarray. For me, stress and clutter go hand in hand.  Last week I decided enough was enough and my secret clutter would build up no more! After taking a quick trip to Ikea, I came home with the Antonius storage system (the pull out bins on the right in the above photo.) So far so good. I have labeled each “drawer” and plan on returning for more Antonius components soon and will devote it to organizing my beauty stash.

I also picked up inexpensive wooden hangers. They make such a difference in how organized and clean my closet looks. So now that I’m back on track and life continues as usual, I need to go shopping to fill said new hangers.

Here are a few of my tips to faking a clutter free space if it drives you insane or company is coming over:

  • Inexpensive boxes (preferably with a decorative print or added flair) will always be your friend. You can hide anything in them, stack them neatly in a closet, and get back to them later. I love these for paperwork I can’t file or shred immediately. Boxes also work great for pet and kid toys, things that build up on the counter, desk clutter, shoes, etc.
  • Do away with the open laundry basket and find one with a lid, especially if you have snoopy guests. Nobody will ever know it’s been building up for a while. If your significant other, spouse, or kids shares one with you, banish their smelly socks to the laundry pronto! There’s nothing worse then the tell-tale sign of smelly laundry to ruin the facade. Don’t have a washer/drier? Try zip-lock baggies. Gross, I know, so make sure to get them in the wash ASAP.
  • If your bed is high enough, buy a plastic box you can store underneath and hide things there. Nobody will ever know. Bonus points if you have a bed skirt.
  • Dust is often a dead give away that your space needs a little TLC. No time to dust? Only dust where people can see. This can easily be done quickly between television commercials, while you’re on the phone, after you pop dinner in the oven, etc.

These are only temporary solutions so make sure to complete the full task correctly when you finally get a moment to breathe. And maybe get a mani-pedi or take a relaxing bath as a reward.

Want to avoid having to feignez-le? My dear Papa (grandfather) always says, “Pick it up and put it away.”


Between my long showers and getting ready for work, I log a lot of time in my tiny bathroom. In a perfect world I’d have a large room with plenty of counter space, spa tub, and steam shower. Unfortunately, in real life I have a pretty basic bathroom.

So what’s one to do when you’re strapped for remodeling cash or can’t remodel because your current digs are a rental? Little touches can make a huge difference.

  • If your cabinets have seen better days and you have the OK to paint, sand them down and put a fresh coat of white paint on. Or better yet, choose a deep stain if you have the patience.
  • Luxe rugs can make a big difference if you have ugly tile.
  • New shower curtains can spice up your space.
  • Hang art that you love.
  • Can you paint your walls? If so, choose a color you love.
  • New fixtures can create an impact.
  • Simple, neutral towels can also do the trick.
  • Simple shelving with decorative accents and bath goodies (colorful bath beads, soaps, and scrubs) looks pretty and is a simple way to add personality to a bland bathroom.

PSA: because Mervyns is going out of business you can find new bathroom goodies on the cheap! Also, check out holiday sales and home discount stores. If you’re after a spa-inspired bath and are on a budget, you’re sure to find great touches that won’t leave you for broke.

For my Nana

November 7, 2008



I made a little shadowbox of a few of my Great-Nana’s things for my little Nana. I couldn’t find one of her vintage perfume bottles small enough to fit so I used one I had lying around the house. That will be changed out if I can find the bottle I wanted to include.

I am absolutely in love with that vintage compact. It contains lipstick (red, of course), blush (light pink) and a fair loose powder. I can just imagine my Great-Nana whipping it out gracefully for touch ups.

Coming soon.

October 30, 2008

I made this batch as gifts for other people but there will be more.

It’s no secret that I love Lush. From the bath bombs, soaps, and body butters to the limited edition holiday stuff, I’m hooked. Most lush products are vegan friendly, handmade, and never tested on animals. My absolute can’t live without item is Buffy body butter, formerly known as “Buffy the Backside Slayer.” Oh how I loved to tell people how I get my skin so soft and smooth. Now the name’s no fun anymore. Anyway, Buffy is nothing short of a miracle for anyone who wants soft skin. While still in the shower (after you’ve cleansed your bod) you rub the Buffy bar everywhere you want to be moisturised, especially rough areas (elbows, knees). Buffy has cocoa butter to hydrate and also exfoliates with little rice grains, among other goodies. Rinse, then hop out of the shower and dry off. No extra lotion needed! I do, however, use a dry oil spray or lotion for an extra surge of hydration.

Other Lush indulgences I love:

Honey I Washed the Kids soap– smells like honey, makes your skin feel super soft because honey is a humectant (hello, moisture!), and has a cute little synthetic honey comb attached.

I should Coco soap-is supposed to smell like pina colada’s but my nose only detects a faint orange scent, no coconuts at all. It’s a bit exfoliating and feels divine.

Ne Worry Pas bath bomb get your bath water nice and hot then drop this little milky wonder under into the tub. Smells calming, makes your skin super soft.

Right now Sephora is clearancing out my favorite scent, Morning Waterlily, to make room for new scents (Pomegranate Apple, anyone?). My local store has the full line (dry oil spray, shower gel, bubble bath, scrub, body butter, lotion) for only $3 and $4! There’s not much left online so check your nearest store. It smells like heaven.

For free (or low cost) beauty products for anyone who needs to conserve $$$, I present three of my all time favorites that can usually be found in your kitchen: extra virgin olive oil, sugar, and honey. For a moisturizing exfoliator (ala Buffy) mix a bit of sugar and olive oil in a little bowl and take it into the shower. After sudsing up and rinsing, take little amounts and rub onto your skin until the sugar dissolves then rinse. You can also add sugar into your regular shower gel instead. For a facial mask that will kill acne-loving bacteria and hydrate, drizzle a tiny amount of honey onto your fingertips and spread a super thin layer onto your face. I let my mask sit for five minutes so that the honey won’t have much time to slide off my face. Just rinse with warm water. For any of these at home fixes, make sure you rinse your tub and sink well…otherwise you might end up with ants.