August 18, 2011

Some work from a few years ago:

The eyeshadow in the last photo is MAC Teal pigment over Makeup Forever Green Liner

Complexion in all photos is Makeup Forever and Nars

Model: Eren

Photographer & editing: Kara

Makeup: Moi and Vanessa [our well-deserved photo credit went to the company we worked for, although we’re credited elsewhere.]

Shoes and moving

August 12, 2011

I have been out and about apartment hunting, which means tons of walking. Why keep trying to find parking when many of my options are so close? It was during a six block walk around the corner from apartment A to apartment B that I realized my current flats were no longer comfy. I’ve been scrimping and saving for the move and felt a little guilty about even thinking of buying shoes but they were much needed and will be well used. Plus, they were buy one get one free!

I’m also having dilemma’s of which neighborhood I’m going to settle in. I’m definitely not looking in my current area. It’s taken a turn for the worse within the past years and many real estate agents would describe it as “up and coming” which in real estate lingo really means, “Oh, it’s not the best neighborhood but it’s being revitalized. Just don’t go out alone at night and you won’t get mugged or shot.”

Favorites of 2010

December 29, 2010

1. Hot pink lips: Bold, effortless, chic. This was the lip look I rocked the most this year, with a natural eye, of course. Faves of the year included Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Mr. Lover, Benefit Posie Tint Stain (3-5 layers for intensity) layered with Smashbox O-Gloss Original (always turns my lips bright hot pink), and MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town.

2. Lashes: It’s rare for me to wear faux lashes even though I love them so (my eyes freak out if I wear them too often) and when I have a full fringe, I always feel super glam. My faves are still Ardell because the quality surpasses the price (around $4). The #120 demi are my absolute faves and I also like #113 and #122. My lash glue of choice is always Duo waterproof clear lash glue unless…I can get my hands on the Makeup Forever lash glue that comes with their lashes. I hoard this whenever I buy Makeup Forever lashes because it is absolutely the best I’ve tried.

3. The love of my life (well, purse-wise at least) is my Lux De Ville Lucky Me bag in black and leopard. I love it because it’s roomy and super cute. It isn’t, however, great for rainy weather, so I’m currently using their Starlite Kisslock bag in red sparkle, which doesn’t hold as much but makes me happy because it reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, just in purse form instead of shoes.

4. Headbands! Love! It takes  a drab hairstyle to fab on mornings when I’d rather sleep than make an effort with my hair. I just brush, slick into a pony, pop on a headband and I look like I tried.

5. Josie Maran GOGO instant volume mascara: I always admit that mascara is not my thing, so when I do end up loving one, it’s the real deal. The brush is almost a triangular shape and it gives my lash a flirty flutter without clumps. Thanks, Josie. P.S. I also kind of love everything from this line, so maybe I’m biased? It really is a super fab line that I highly recommend.

6. Zirh Shave Gel: See a few posts back. Amazing!

7 & 8: Perricone Super: I’m sooo loving the Lush Lips and Hyper Hydrator, both with coconut water. Coconut water is great for the skin (I would like to say that I drink it regularly, but I only drink it a few times a month) and the smell is light. The lip treatment is ultra hydrating, silky, and is indeed very lush. The moisturizer is light and helps keep my oily skin in check. The line is also a bit more wallet friendly than Perricone’s core line, which I also love and can’t always afford.

9. Perricone Advanced Firming Eye Activator: Anti-aging! Brightening! Tightening! I love this eye cream bunches and always buy it when it’s within my budget. I’ve been a devotee of this product since 2006.

10 And as always….Bliss Best of Skintentions moisturizer is still tops in my skincare regime. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. If I need an instant pick-me-up, this does it. I also love the built-in SPF (with the Japanese skincare rating of PA++).

OMG Shoes!

August 19, 2010

I want these and would wear them everywhere. I would want them even if they weren’t adorned with Swarovski crystals. Super cute. I doubt they will ever be marked down to fit my price range. Just in case anyone wants to buy me a gift, I wear a US size 6 or UK 4.

Edit: The thing that I really loved about these shoes is the “sash” on the toe. I was browsing around Target and found a pair that had a similar feel. They were kind of cute and worked for what I needed them for (an interview) so I bought them. I bought half a size larger and I’m glad that I did because they run a little snug in the toe area. Not quite the same, but still cute.

White for Summer

August 1, 2010

Summer is the perfect time to wear white. It helps to keep you cool when the temps rise and it looks tres chic anywhere from a night on the town to a day at the beach. You do the monochromatic thing and wear head to toe white (just make certain you do different shades of white or add a splash of gold or silver or a tiny bit of color) or you can pick and choose pieces, accessories, and even makeup. One of my fave quick and easy summer eye looks is to draw on a sheer shimmering white eyeliner and smudge until you’re left with a faint sparkle (Try Sephora Collection Flashy Liner in #02). I also like doing the same technique with a sheer shadow (I like Sephora Collection Aspen Summit #23, which is in the free birthday gift for beauty insiders this year).

Where to buy above items: Tops and sandals are from, necklace is from, white shadow is the Sephora Collection Shadow mentioned above, white silver ring is from, and the velver rose hair clip is from

Working Out in Jeans?

May 26, 2010

I was at the gym yesterday and spotted a man running on the treadmill in jeans. I’ve seen it before, usually with guys lifting weights, and I think it’s rather odd. Working out in denim seems like it would be uncomfortable and would also make your jeans smelly. Has anyone else seen this?

Outerwear for Winter Months

January 25, 2010

Ladies (and gents), I know it’s cold outside, and in some parts of the world it’s even freezing, but lets not forget that your outerwear can be stylish and keep you toasty. I am an advocate for cute outerwear (I own way too many coats, my fave being a bright blue ’60s-inspired dressy coat with a Peter Pan collar) and believe it’s worth the investment to not compromise cuteness when the temps drop. “Investment” doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, either. Stores like Old Navy and Target always have darling outerwear for under $50.

One fashion faux pas I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention is the Fleece Jacket. Unsure of what I’m referring to? Check out the photo (below).

While it’s great for those times when one is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, laying sick in bed, wearing to and from the gym, on vacation in a below freezing climate, a mom running around town (even then, maybe not),coaching an outdoor sport, or any other winter-time outdoor activity, please refrain from wearing these in daily life. Yes, they are warm, and they also look kind of sloppy. Step it up ladies, I know you can do better.

Just imagine how put-together you can look if you ditch the fleece in favor of a proper coat. Coats now are much warmer and you can look for ones that having linings in cozy material. A nice coat can take your outfit from drab to fab. Choices range from cropped to long versions, various button styles, single and double-breasted, casual pea-coats to more dressy options. There is a coat for everyone. Now just imagine running to the grocery store in a pair of jeans, cute shoes and the fleece jacket. Now imagine a quick trip to the grocery in the same outfit, only with one of the cute coats pictured below. See the difference? Instant chic and it makes you look like you actually tried!

Coats featured above are from Old Navy, Target, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Miss Selfridge, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

P.S. Dear Men, there is nothing hotter then a guy in a peacoat.


I rarely watch TV nowadays but tonight I will be tuning in to How I Met Your Mother because Tim Gunn will be making a cameo on the show. Exciting! Also, check out TG’s facebook page for a video update of the People’s Choice Awards best and worst fashion. I didn’t watch the awards show and I would love to know who the  “star who looked like he came in from doing yard work” is.

EDIT: If you missed the show, you can catch the Tim Gunn scene here (@ 1:33):


Next to a flawless glowing complexion, one of the most requested looks I get is the smokey eye. I love when I have an appointment with clients who want the smokey look and clip the most dramatic smokey eye from a magazine and say, “I want to look exactly like this!” In reality they don’t usually want that exact look, they want a soft, smudgy look. And that’s what a smokey eye should be: soft, smudgy, and blended. A smokey eye should not extend too far beyond your crease or utilize too much black shadow because it will make you look like someone punched you in they eye. The goal of the smokey eye is to have the color darkest near your lashes and fade softly into your crease. This is exactly what smoke looks like: darkest near the fire, lighter as it floats into the sky.

You can certainly clip smokey looks from magazines for inspiration, and keep in mind that while the intensity, colors, and shape of shadow looks great on the model, you may not share the same eye or face shape and it might not look the same on you or flatter your face. The goal of makeup is to flatter your features and express yourself.

One of my fave smokey eye tips is to keep a clean, fluffy blending brush close at hand. It’s much easier to blend a mistake with a clean brush then it is to blend with a brush that has product on it. Keep the products you use simple. Limit yourself to no more then three shadow colors and one liner. After you apply your eye shadow base/primer, I like using a soft, waterproof pencil liner (like Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils) or a gel/cream liner (Smashbox Jet Set, Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Cream Liner) first to define the eye. Blend and smudge this line up (easier to do with cream liners) to soften and the set stage for your eyeshadow. Pick any eyeshadow colors you want. A smokey eye can also be colorful. My fave shade is bronze. Pat your darkest shade lightly on your lid. It’s best to start with a little product and add more as needed then to pack the eyeshadow on right away. Blend color upwards and into the crease. If you’d like to use a medium color in the crease, add just a touch and blend downwards into your lid color. To blur any harsh lines (there shouldn’t be any) you can use your clean shadow brush or a flesh tone eyeshadow, which acts like a highlight.

  • If you have smaller eyes and want to make them look larger, go easy on the bottom liner and don’t line the entire lower rim. Stop the line around the iris of the eyes, blend, and apply a highlight color from the liner to your tear duct.
  • For deep set eyes, concentrate color on your lid and blend.
  • For any eye: go easy on the liner. It’s much more flattering to have a slight smudge of color on the bottom lash line then a thick, dark, rim of liner. For a softer look, try using your shadow as liner with an angled liner brush.
  • After every step, stand back and look at yourself in the mirror: is everything even? Too dark? Too light? Keep cotton swabs and gentle eye makeup remover handy to fix mistakes.
  • When wearing a smokey eye, one must make sure the complexion is perfected. The dark colors can enhance under eye circles and uneven skin tone so make sure not to skip concealer if you need it. Tip: using a lighter coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealing just where you need it will make your complexion more natural then using a full coverage foundation and full coverage concealer. Hello, cakey-ness!
  • Do eyes first so that if you get any fall out, you don’t have to touch up complexion products. If you’ve already done your makeup, dust translucent powder under your eye area to catch any shadow and dust away with a fluffy brush when finished.
  • Keep the rest of your look balanced by using sheer flesh tone or pink lip colors and a light application of a natural blush (my fave with smokey eyes are soft pinks and pinky-peach).

Three of the photos above are of my fave examples of smokey looks and one is of my least favorite. Can you tell which is which? I think 1 through 3 all are balanced (dark eyes and neutral lip/cheek colors) and are soft, feminine, and have perfect gradient (darker to lighter). Number 4 is my least fave. Why? Because it’s not flattering on most people. Dark, thick, liner around the entire eye can create the illusion of a smaller eye, even if you have large, gorgeous peepers.


Lets talk about a Fall trend that kind of creeps me out: Matte nail polish. To me, this feels entirely all wrong. I tried it once and it felt like I painted my nails with chalk. While it’s been slowly coming on for the past few years, I think the trend will really hit full circle in Fall 09. Brands like Zoya (above) and Man Glaze have been doing the mattes for a while, and I hear OPI will follow suit soon with a new version.

If you are into nail art (ala Konad and the like) I can see this bringing a very cool textural element to your mani, especially tone on tone (matte black with shiny black). We’ll see how the trend pans out and if it sticks around.