So I purchased this headboard from West Elm last year. I had been stalking it forever and it finally went on sale- I thought I’d gotten a bargain!

She made hers:

I’m not the best at putting things together but I do have some handy Uncles that could have helped me make this. Lesson learned: next time scour the internet to see if you can find ways to make things instead of buy.


I made this for a birthday a few months ago. I intend for the toggle closure to be worn asymmetrical in the front. I’m rather liking this style and plan on doing more. I also like the option to wear it with the closure in the back or even as a lariat.  


I love CB I Hate Perfume and wish they came in candle form. I can’t justify adding these little darlings to my fragrance collection because they will never be used. Luckily, I have a friend who from time to time will surprise me with little samples from her own collection. The most recent were Eternal Return and Winter 1972. Eternal Return is definitely a favorite, although I have smelled similar from “ocean” scents in the past. This version is just a bit more dead on and much more poetic. Winter 1972 is also lovely. It’s clean without being soapy although it’s something I would rather use as a room spray since it turned on my skin. CB, or Christopher Brosius, is the creator of many of the best selling Demeter fragrances. He left the company about four years ago and created the “I hate Perfume” brand. Check out his thoughts on perfume and the rest of his site.

For my Nana

November 7, 2008



I made a little shadowbox of a few of my Great-Nana’s things for my little Nana. I couldn’t find one of her vintage perfume bottles small enough to fit so I used one I had lying around the house. That will be changed out if I can find the bottle I wanted to include.

I am absolutely in love with that vintage compact. It contains lipstick (red, of course), blush (light pink) and a fair loose powder. I can just imagine my Great-Nana whipping it out gracefully for touch ups.

Coming soon.

October 30, 2008

I made this batch as gifts for other people but there will be more.