I’ve been using this mask for nearly a month and I have to say, it’s pure perfection! Oh Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Revealing Mask how I love thee. My skin can be fairly sensitive and it hasn’t caused any irritation, it leaves my skin exfoliated and glowing, and it helps to reduce the appearance of my large pores. I love the brush because it makes for a truly indulgent treatment minus the indulgent price at $42. Psssssst: at the NYC Caudalie Spa the 50 minute Vinoperfect treatment is $185.

Pretty Charming

February 27, 2009


One of the hottest ways to accessorize is with baubles that house beauty products, perfect for discrete touch-ups and girls on the go. Why not intermingle beauty and fashion? They go hand in hand and are a perfect pair. These items do tend to be available for only a limited time, and new favorites are always popping up each season.

1. Missoni Solid Perfume Charm Necklace, $50, With notes like “Radiant Yellow Accord” (whatever that is), Bergamot, Magnolia, Mandarin, Bitter Orange, and Rose, this scent captures a perfect carefree summer day. The jewel-like orange and red crystals provide a burst of summer color in the middle of winter.

2. Juicy Loves Sephora Lip Gloss Heart Ring, $51 (originally $68), I have been lusting over this ring for a while now. The pretty pink crystals and shiny sheer pink lip gloss calls out my name. Alas, a klutzy girl donning a large, jeweled cocktail ring is not particularly a good combo as I knock into everything. *Sigh* Maybe in my next lifetime….

3. Lady Dior Charm Radiant Couture Touch-Up For Cheeks and Lips, $75,  Featuring a mirror, highlighter, and lip/cheek color, this faux leather accented handbag charm is a great way to touch up almost anywhere on the sly.

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace, $35, Nordstrom and Packaged in a circular gold zip case, the daisy necklace dangles on a black satin-esque cord, begging to be the conversation piece Du Jour. Not only is it a cute accessory, but slide the top over and the best selling daisy fragrance awaits in solid form to be swiped over your pulse points. You can adjust the necklace to any length, simply knot it at your desired length.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Solid Perfume Necklace, $56, Feminine charms on the outside, and an equally alluring floriental fragrance on the inside. The JPG fragrance is all about evoking classic elegance and femininity, so it’s no surprise this necklace is dainty while still making a bold statement. The notes of Orange Flower, Bulgarian Rose, Italian Mandarin, Star Aniseed, Ginger, Vanilla, and Amber make this accessory all that more special.


The brand behind my most favorite concealer in the world has created TimeBalm foundation. Hooray! Packed with all of the great stuff that’s in the concealer, this “solid” foundation has vitamins A, C, and E to nourish the skin, it also has ingredients that help with eye-area aging. Basically, this is TheBalm concealer in larger packaging. A little goes a long way and it’s great for all skin types. For $28, you get triple the amount in the concealer pot, so this is a fantastic buy for your money.

It’s dreamy texture can go from light, medium, to full coverage with the more you layer on. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, and it actually seemed to help keep my oily skin in check, for at least an hour more then usual. I can see how the formula, like the concealer, is recommended for all skin types. It glides on smoothly enough for dry skins, and feels lighter then air for those on the combo or oily side.

The downside: it’s only offered in four shades. Hopefully, like the original concealer, more shades will be introduced as its popularity increases.

 Ladies also take note.


1. First, and most important, be consistent! The more you take care of your skin, the better it will look. Think of it like going to the gym: once a week won’t really do much for you but if you go daily, you’ll notice a real difference. It’s the same with your skin.

2. Cleanse your skin twice daily. If you are aiming for clearer skin, this is an important step to cleanse away dirt and oil.

3. Protect your skin by using an SPF of at least 15 and if you work outdoors, make sure to reapply every few hours.

4. Exfoliate! Not only will it help shed dull, dead skin cells, it will help any creams or lotions penetrate the skin more effectively. Some cleansers do double duty by exfoliating, so check the label. Look for BHA’s (or beta hydroxy acid) or anything that mentions exfoliation.

5. Hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer, preferably without an SPF in the product. A moisturizer sans SPF can be used in the AM and PM.

Shopping Tips:

While there are skincare brands that specifically cater to men, you can use any brand. There aren’t any “women only” brands, though quite often the packaging is designed to appeal to that market.

You don’t need to drop a lot of cash on your skincare routine. The age old debate of department/specialty store VS drug store products is a personal decision and neither is right or wrong.

Heads up: unlike drug stores, you will receive personalized help at a department store counter or store like Sephora then at a drug store, so if you have questions, they tend to be good places to start.

If you do have a Sephora in your area, you can make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. This is a free session (usually a few minutes in length up to a half hour) where a skincare expert can demo the products on your skin, help establish a routine that fits your skincare needs and lifestyle, and they can answer any questions you may have. You can check their website ( to find store locations.

If you need a few items at once, are trying a new brand,  or are just starting out using skincare, gift sets and travel packs are a great way to try products out. They are often smaller then full size items and can help you figure out what you like best. They also tend to be great values for your money.

Some department store counters charge for consults, so be sure to check prices. Sometimes the cost of the consult is redeemable in products.

You can also walk up to any counter or store at any time and they should be able to help you find products right for you if you are short on time. This should be free and quick (under five minutes).

If you feel pressured to buy something and aren’t ready to commit, see if you can take home a sample of the product to try first. Some places sample generously and some don’t.

If heading to the drug store, most brands have packaging on the box that will tell you what they do (i.e.: cleanser for oily skin or moisturizer for all skin types).

The New Anastasia Brow Kit

February 22, 2009



Anastasia, the brow guru of the 90210 zip code, has come out with yet another brow product I adore. This one’s packed with three brow powders and three highlighters. The Highlighting Eyebrow Kit is $32 and also includes a mini clear eyebrow gel.

The brow powder is designed to be used like this: brush one of the lighter hues on the inner brow and finish the end (or “tail”) of the brow with a darker one, making sure to also accentuate the arch. This method creates a multidimensional natural looking brow by using a few shades when most people use one, resulting in a harsh, unnatural brow. Go easy on the powder! A little goes a long way so load up your brush with just a bit first and brush on more powder if needed.

The shimmery highlighter trio is baked for smooth application. You can use these for the intended purpose of highlighting your brow bone (the area under directly under your eyebrow) or as eyeshadow. You can also do a smokey eye by using the darker brow powder as shadow, brushing it on your lid and into your crease, then taking your favorite highlight color and blending upwards, creating a smokey effect.

The set also includes a mini clear eyebrow gel that can be used after brow powder or alone to keep your brow hairs in place. As a quick fix, sometimes I use mine to keep flyway hairs on my mane tame if I don’t have hair gel or hairspray handy.

Wallet-friendly products

February 12, 2009


If you have the urge to plunk down some hard earned cash on beauty loot but can’t afford higher end cosmetics, check out your local drug store. There are some hidden gem’s among the countless isles. Also, many private label brands at luxury beauty stores are reasonably priced and good quality so do check them out instead of passing them up.

1. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses, currently 2 for $12 or 5 for $20. Sheer color, smooth, tasty, everything a girl wants in her gloss, and a good deal!

2. Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof eye pencil, $8 each. Flashy Brown and Flashy Copper are my personal faves. They glide right on without pulling or tugging and they wear for hours without smudging. Tip: the color Flashy Blue is a dupe of Urban Decay’s Electric liner, which is twice the price.

3. Sephora Blush Me! mono blush, $10 each. My favorite hues on a variety of skin tones is Corail Frisson and Abricot Plaisir. If you layer the two together, almost equals the color of Nars Orgasm. Insider info: Abricot Plaisir was a hit at Fashion Week Live Backstage 2007!

4. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish in Blue It, $3-$7, depending on store. Sally Hansen is my drug store go-to for nail polish, and they have a great range of colors from blue to pinks to nudes. Many times you can find discounts on shades that are being DC’d.

5. Wet N Wild MegaEyes Shadow Pot in Wicked, under $4, not available at all stores. If I’m in a bind and need to have a smokey color asap, I usually turn to Wet N Wild’s Wicked. At that price, I usually give it to my client to keep so they can recreate the look later.

6. Jane Kabuki Brush, $5, see store locator for where to buy. I like this brush for bronzers and pressed powder. Works best with a small amount of product and light hand.

7. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, around $5. If I’ve forgotten my disposable mascara wands on a job (I’m human, it happens!) I go for Great Lash. It’s inexpensive, adds volume without clumping, and also comes in a water proof formula. Plus, I can get it at any drug store.

8. Cover Girl Eye Enhancers eye shadow, see stores for pricing. These are great for trying out trendy colors that will be out next season. I love that the colors are coordinated and blend fairly easy.

Pre-Spring Beauty

February 12, 2009


As all of the major cosmetics lines debut the new trends for Spring 2009, I won’t forget about my old tried and true standbys. They are things that I simply could not live without and work for most everyone.

1. Opi’s Strawberry Margarita nail polish is my perfect pink. I usually sport clear polish and this is my go to when I need a little color. It’s also a great pedicure shade year round.

2. Korres lip butter in Pomegranate gives a lovely hint of coral to the lips while hydrating. I’ve tried it on several skin tones and it looks fab on just about everyone. I also love it under a sheer peach lip gloss.

3. In the mood for a sweet, fresh, soft candle? Look no further then Fresh’s Sugar Lychee scented candle. This scent also features the fragrance of lotus and grapefruit. Yum!

4. Nars Multiple in Orgasm gives you a fresh peachy-pink glow in one swipe. You can use it on your cheeks, eyes, and lips for a quick monochromatic look in seconds. It has just enough shimmer to make you look dewy, not glittery. Take caution: a little goes a long way and don’t forget to blend.

5. Stila’s eyeshadow duo in Lilly is a great way to transition your fall/winter shadows into spring. Both shadows are sheer and look great mixed with browns. I especially love the peach color paired with simple black liner and a lightly defined crease.

6. One of my favorite blushes to brighten dull winter complexions is LORAC’s Cheek Stamp in Hibiscus. The innovative packaging features a pan of the sheer pink blush on one end and a “stamp” sponge on the other end. It’s designed to press the stamp directly on the cheek and blend with a brush or fingers. My favorite application trick is to take a fan brush and lightly dust over the apples of your cheeks. The product lasts a long time, too. I’ve had mine for nearly two years and with almost daily use am just hitting the bottom of the pan.


February 10, 2009


I love the brand Fresh! They have a few new products out and I also indulged in an older one.

The new Soy Face Cream is for all skin types and packs a punch. Vitamins A, C, and E are infused as well as tea, rose water, soy proteins and jojoba seed oil. The result equals a moisturizer that’s light weight and also leaves your skin looking glowy and smooth.

The first day I tried the new Rose FreshFace Primer my skin was a little irritated. It seemed to calm my skin down a bit, thanks to anti-inflammatory ingredients. After the third day of use, my skin felt better and as I passed by a mirror, noticed my makeup still looked great after work. All in all, this is one of the better primers I’ve used.

I’ve also been sniffing my newest bath time acquisition, SugarBath Lychee Bath Cubes, every chance I get. They are lightly scented and slightly fizz under running water. I’d save these for an occasional bath since they’re fairly pricey for what they are and the scent doesn’t linger on your skin after your bath.


If I could only say one word about Sephora’s new Moroccan Sunrise collection it would be beautiful.  From the packaging, to the color choices, to the product textures, everything is indeed beautiful.

I’m generally not a bronzer fanatic and when I occasionally use it, I choose lighter matte shades. That said, I think I just might buy the Moroccan one. More gold then the orange of most bronzers, if brushed on with a light hand, it can be used as a subtle gold shimmer either alone or over blush.

The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous. The pigment is vivid and can be sheered down and the color payoff is high. A number of looks can be done with this palette for both day and night. I did a simple swipe of the orange and pink as liner (blended into each other for a slight sunset effect) then blended it with the neutral beigey-gold to eliminate harsh lines.

The collection also includes lip glosses that pack a punch of color, are smooth without being sticky, and feel hydrating. I’ve been wearing Roseberry and plan to buy Naked Peach. For those of you who like to keep a mirror in your bag at all times to aid with lip gloss or hair touch-ups, there are also Moroccan print embellished mirrors.

Also featured are emery boards, atomizers, a mini brush set, a larger brush set, several gorgeous bags, and a train case that lights up when opened. To check out the entire collection, go to

Feeling blue?

February 8, 2009


It’s raining and pouring where I live and while we need it (otherwise we might be further into a drought later on), I’d rather not slosh through the slush. Winter woes aside, the groundhog saw his shadow this year so hopefully we’re in for an early Spring! To celebrate, why not try out a colorful shoe? It is, however, still winter, so trying to be sensible, I rounded up shoes for every occasion and climate.

Clockwise from top: Men’s Diesel Beactive leather dress shoe,; Julia by LillyBee patent leather flat,; J. Crew Camellia flower flip flop (vacation footwear du jour), J.; Men’s Salvatore Ferragamo Ninja Sneaker,; Criss cross dress shoe,